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How are PALS classes organized?

Understanding the PALS Curriculum

What are the Goals of the PALS Curriculum?

There are two goals the PALS curriculum aims for:

  1. To prepare students to face the academic challenges of undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States.
  2. To advance the English ability of those that are seeking to develop their English for professional purposes.

What are the Course Disciplines Offered at PALS?

Courses at PALS can be categorized into the following three categories:

                Reading and Writing                    TOEFL Boot Camp                                      Electives

Under each category above, classes are arranged into various levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels or TOEFL scores.

What are the Course Levels at PALS?

The Reading Writing classes and Electives uses the CEFR levels to separate the classes. All TOEFL related classes use TOEFL ITP test scores as level dividers.


                            CEFR Course Levels at PALS

CEFR Course Level Code

English Language Level






Intermediate High Stage 2


Intermediate High Stage 1


Intermediate Low Stage 2


Intermediate Low Stage 1

(Updated 12/3/2015)