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    Listen to real life situations that include topics for everyday life. Extension activities enhance the listening activity.
  • English Listening Room
    Listen to the songs and fill in the blanks. (click "download song file" to hear the songs)


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Post Intermediate    

  • - Intermediate Level English Listening Comprehension Exercises
    English listening skills learning for intermediate level learners includes English online listening comprehension exercises for intermediate level classes including dialogues and quizzes.
  • BBC World Service
    Listen to World News as well as audio broadcasts on business, sports, education, science, youth, arts & drama, features, music and religion. There is also a special section on English language learning which has audio clips and listening comprehension exercises. Topics include News, Study Skills, Science and Technology, Speaking English, Business, Society and Culture, and English for Beginners.
  • California Distance Learning Project
    Use this site to build your reading and life skills. Excellent for listening and vocabulary building.
  • CNN Online Learning Resources
    Work on your reading, vocabulary and listening skills as you learn about important news stories.
  • CNN Student News
    View a video of a new news story each weekday. There is an accompanying reading that is similar in content and structure but not a word-for-word transcription. There are discussion questions. Video requires a password which you get for free by signing up for an email newsletter. An entire 10 minute version of the shortened online video can be videotaped off CNN from 3:12 AM to 3:22 AM Eastern Time M-F.
  • English, Baby!
    A commercial site, but presently free. Includes five new lessons per week, 3-4 of which are typically listening based, with text, quiz, and glossary. The new lessons replace those from the previous week, but institutions can purchase access to their extensive archives. Authentic, entertaining material geared toward teens and twenties. Great for advanced students but can be daunting for lower levels.
  • English Language Listening Lab Online (elllo)
    Over 100 free clips of native and non-native speakers from around the world. There is one clip for each day of the month. More are being added every day! The goal is to provide authentic listening for low level students. All passages come with built-in support with photos, a guided quiz, a transcript and an interactive speaking section. These activities are also freely downloadable to be used on your local computer-great if you have slow connection speed or have to pay a lot to be online.
    Do you like to watch the coming attractions for movies? These are called "trailers" and they are short, action-packed summaries of the movie. Now you can choose from more than 50 trailers to watch and then do English activities: summary, cloze, script, quiz and Web links. The exercises help you understand the trailers and the Web links are there for you to find out more information about the movies and the people in them. If you sign up as a member, you can see even more trailers and you can send the results of the language activities to your teacher.
  • Every Day English in Conversation
    Does it happen to you that sometimes you feel frustrated because you find yourself unable to express yourself clearly and yet when you hear native speakers, you feel that it is so simple and easy?  In this section, we will focus on learning idiomatic and everyday expressions to help us deal with daily conversational situations.
  • Favorite Poem Project Video Collection
    At this fascinating Web site, click on the title of one of 50 poems. You will then see a video of the person who will be reading that poem. However, before the poem is read, the video will explain why this poem is particularly important to the reader.
  • Listen to English (E.L. Easton)
    A wide variety of very creative listening activities. Various subjects, various levels. Some links provide listening only, others include lessons, exercises and activities. Topics include Business English, Christmas, ESL Exercises, History, Literature, American Literature, ChildrenĀ“s Literature, Movies, Music ... Vocals, News, Politics, Pop Culture, Radio, Religion and more...
  • NPR (National Public Radio) Online
    Listen to the NPR News on the Hour or choose from a variety of news stories of the day. This is a great way to keep up with what's going on in the world while practicing your listening skills! Most audio clips go along with a related news article which you can read.
  • Online NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
    Listen to the daily news from this respected show on PBS (the Public Broadcasting System). Some of the stories have only audio, and others have the written text so you can read along as you listen. Also, on the left side of the screen is a subject index of over 30 topics. Each contains the past NewsHour stories, again with text and audio. This is also a good place to look if you need to do a research project for class!
  • Online NewsHour Extra
    This is a special resource for students. There are articles written by students and lesson plans for teachers. This is a great way to stay informed on current events.
  • Randall's Cyber Listening Lab
    There are Short Listening Exercises, General Listening Quizzes, Listening Quizzes for Academic Purposes, and Long Conversations. All are labeled easy, medium, difficult, or very difficult.
  •  Randall's Voice Mail Box
    You can email a question to Randall's Voice Mail Box. If he chooses your question, you can listen to the answer over the Internet.


  • Activities for ESL Students @ ESL Wonderland
    Thematic units on serious (e.g., Death Penalty; Race Relations; Human Cloning) and less serious (e.g., Alien Abductions; Halloween) topics; based on US public radio broadcasts in RealAudio format.
  • CNN San Francisco
    Activities based on current news stories; includes audio, story outline, summary, and text as well as reading comprehension and vocabulary activities.

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