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The mission of Program in American Language Studies, New Brunswick (PALS-NB) is to provide high quality English language instruction to non-native English speakers for academic, professional, business, and social/acculturation purposes. PALS-NB strives not only to foster students' language competency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, but also to develop students' cultural understanding of the world at large and in particular, of the United States. Through its activities, PALS-NB aspires to be the brand ambassador for Rutgers International and, assist Rutgers University in paying back to the State and the community.

Program Goals – PALS-NB proposes to accomplish its mission by fulfilling three major goals:

  1. Focus on academic excellence by constantly reviewing and upgrading curricula, methodology and technology in the context of latest research in ESL pedagogy. It is expected that a student graduating from PALS-NB program will have sufficient language skills in the use of English language with adequate understanding of key academic and cultural expectations to participate effectively in an American university classroom. Students who leave before completing the program are expected to have substantially improved their abilities and confidence level to use English for communicative purposes; and to have acquired a better understanding of key aspects of American culture.
  2. Become the brand ambassador for Rutgers International by supporting Rutgers in internationalizing the campus. PALS-NB will do so by actively integrating its very special student population with the rest of Rutgers' international community and by providing support courses in language, communication and culture. It will continue to bring in cohorts of international learners under special programs sponsored by foreign governments, universities and educational organizations. It will initiate and exemplify best practices and traditions for welcoming international students coming to Rutgers.
  3. Support Rutgers University's mission of giving back to the state of New Jersey by organizing customized courses, seminars, workshops and training programs in English language and cross-cultural communication to meet the ESL needs of businesses, government and corporations in and around New Jersey. 


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